*Resources for Jewish Parents of LGBT Children.*

    First Weds. of each month-8 PM CT/ 9 PM EST
      • This group is for Orthodox Jewish parents with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender children seeking peer support.  We will also discuss ways to help parents and families navigate in their communities and to become advocates for their children.                                                                            This parent support group meets by phone conference call. If you are interested in participating, please contact us to for a brief intake and to receive the call-in number:  info@eshelonline.org

    Everyone is asked to keep what they hear in the group completely confidential. Participants should feel free to use a pseudonym.

    See more at: http://www.eshelonline.org/res-parents/#sthash.Ho8sn9Vv.dpuf

    •  The Keshet Parent & Family Connection  
      • When a child comes out, it can be a major life change for the whole family. It might raise new questions, fears, challenges, and opportunities. The Keshet Parent and Family Connection is a diverse network of parents and family members of LGBTQ Jews across the country who are available to offer support to other parents dealing with any stage of their child's coming out process. 
      • Keshet provides: Parent mentors provide confidential peer support by phone, email, video chat, or in person for parents and family members dealing with any stage of their family member's coming out process and for young adults who are struggling with how to tell their parents and other family members about their identities. 
    • JQ Baltimore
      • Baltimore will be a welcoming and inclusive model Jewish Community for LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning) individuals, families and allies.
      • SUPPORT: Guide LGBTQ Jewish individuals, families and allies to resources that offer answers to questions, affirmation and empowerment. Create a Jewish LGBTQ community with safe spaces for positive social and spiritual interactions for individuals and their families
      • EDUCATE: Enrich the Jewish identities of LGBTQ individuals so they can become active voices in the local community. Inform the Jewish community about LGBTQ interests and embrace the abundant diversity in the Jewish community
      • ADVOCATE....  In accomplishing this mission, Baltimore area LGBTQ Jewish individuals and their families will have rich and meaningful opportunities to fully participate in Jewish living and learning.

    • Articles, Videos and Research for parents of LGBT Children
    1. Orthodox Parent of a Lesbian Child speaks up! - Viva Hammer
    2. "The Dangers of (Ex-gay) Reparative Therapy"- HRC
    3. "What to Do When Your Child Says: 'I'm Gay!'"- Psychology.com
    4. Movie Trailer: "When a Child Comes Out, Lead with Love" - Psychology.com
    5. For Parents of Orthodox Jewish Gay children: "Retreat set for parents of Orthodox LGBT Jews, Event was inspired by local mother’s request"
    6. For Parents of Orthodox Jewish Gay children: "New Organization For LGBT Jews and their families offers support" by Simone Ellin
    7. "Living in ultra-Orthodox closet" YNET News
    8. Gay advocacy becomes a life’s calling for Jewish mom: J-Weekly
    9. Video:"It Could Happen To You" Tom Bridegroom (April 22, 1982-May 7, 2011)
    10. Suicide Rates High For Orthodox Jewish Youth
    11. Reparative Therapy for Homosexual Teens: The Choice of the Teen Should Be the Only Choice Discussed
    12. WATCH: Sally Field's Amazing Speech About Her Gay Son
    13. “I realized he was what I wanted", “He’s the one. We’d work it out.”
    14. "Internalized Homophobia, Tragedy, Spirituality and a Parent's Role"
    15. A Mother's Letter To Her Gay Son
    16. "How Lady Gaga and Gay Students From the 1920s Overlap: A Secret Court, a New Foundation"
    17. Prayers for Bobby- Trailer ( Rejection, Suicide, Religion and Family)
    18. ABC News / What Would You Do?: Pray Away the Gay?- ABC Special
    19. A study about the effect of family rejection of LGBT children
    20. Gay Suicide Victim: Tyler Clementi's Mom Speaks Out!
    21. Oprah- Being Gay is a Gift from God- Yes you heard it!
    22. Crystal Meth, HIV and the Gay Community
    23. One Town's War on Gay Teens- After a rash of suicides
    24. When Your 7-Year-Old Son Announces, 'I'm Gay'
    25. "Torch Song Trilogy" Great Scene of Jewish Mother and Gay Son!
    26. Part Of My Story w/ "Homosexuality: Nature vs. Nurture"

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