Book Description:Wrestling with God and Men is the product of Rabbi Steven Greenberg's ten-year struggle to reconcile his homosexuality with Orthodox Judaism.

Employing traditional rabbinic resources, Greenberg presents readers with surprising biblical interpretations of the creation story, the love of David and Jonathan, the destruction of Sodom, and the condemning verses of Leviticus. 

But Greenberg goes beyond the question of whether homosexuality is biblically acceptable to ask how such relationships can be sacred. In so doing, he draws on a wide array of nonscriptural texts to introduce readers to occasions of same-sex love in Talmudic narratives, medieval Jewish poetry and prose, and traditional Jewish case law literature.

Ultimately, Greenberg argues that Orthodox communities must open up debate, dialogue, and discussion-precisely the foundation upon which Jewish law rests-to truly deal with the issue of homosexual love.This book will appeal to all people of faith struggling to merge their belief in the scriptures with a desire to make their communities more open and accepting to gay and lesbian members.

Book Description: Does the Bible prohibit homosexuality? No, says Bible scholar and activist Jay Michaelson. But not only that: Michaelson also shows that the vast majority of our shared religious traditions support the full equality and dignity of LGBT people. In this accessible, passionate, and provocative book, Michaelson argues for equality, not despite religion but because of it.

Author: Rabbi Chaim Rapoport 

Publication Date2004 

About the Author: Rabbi Chaim Rapoport was born in Manchester, England, in 1963 where his father served as the Rabbi of one of the largest synagogues - Higher Crumpsall Synagogue - for some 40 years. After his school years, Rabbi Rapoport attended the Yeshivot of Manchester, Gateshead, Torat Emet in Jerusalem and the central Lubavitch Yeshivah in New York. After receiving his Rabbinic diploma (Semichah) and his marriage in 1984 he continued his studies in the States. In 1987 he went with his wife Rachel Clara to join the community Kollel in Melbourne, Australia, where - in addition to his post graduate studies - he officiated and lectured in several communities, including the far flung Launceston in Tasmania.

In 1989, Rabbi Rapoport took up position as head of the Leeds Kollel, a position which he occupied until the end of 1994. In the years 1994 - 1997 Rabbi Rapoport served as Minister in Birmingham and the Head of the Birmingham Rabbinic Board. In September 1997 Rabbi Rapoport assumed his current position as Rabbi to the Ilford Synagogue, Beehive Lane. In addition to his regular lectures at Ilford Synagogue, Rabbi Rapoport has lectured widely on a broad spectrum of issues. He also gives a weekly Shiur to the United Synagogue Rabbinate at the London School of Jewish Studies.
In 1998 Rabbi Rapoport was appointed as member of the Chief Rabbi's Cabinet and Advisor to the Chief Rabbi on matters of Jewish Medical Ethics. Rabbi Rapoport is the author of several books and articles in both Hebrew and English.

Book DescriptionIn light of modern changes in attitude regarding homosexuality, and recent controversy surrounding Government legislation, Orthodox Rabbi Chaim Rapoport, Chief Medical Advisor in the Cabinet of the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, explores the Jewish stance on homosexuality. Rabbi Rapoport combines an unswerving commitment to Jewish Law, teachings and values with a balanced, understanding perspective that has, arguably, been lacking among many in the Orthodox Jewish establishment. This work represents a milestone in understanding an issue at the heart of a great deal of debate, not to mention prejudice and discrimination. It will undoubtedly be a vehicle for future discussion and will serve as a brick in the wall of an increasingly harmonious World Jewish Community. The book combines clearly written prose for instant and easy access with exhaustive endnotes for all those who wish to explore the issue further. Judaism and Homosexuality is the first word on Orthodox attitudes to homosexuality, and will be a 'must have' on the desk of all professionals who find themselves in positions of guidance with the Jewish community.

Book Description:In this Nazi crusade, homosexual prisoners were confined to death camps, were forced to wear pink triangles, they constituted the lowest rung in the camp hierarchy. 

The horror of camp life is described through diaries, previously untranslated document,and interviews with and letters from survivors,revealing how the anti-homosexual campaign was conducted,the crackpot homophobic fantasies that fueled it,the men who made it possible,and those who were its victims, this chilling book sheds light on a corner of twentieth-century history that has been hidden in the shadows much too long. Plant died in New York City on March 3, 1998.



Trembling Before G-d is an unprecedented feature documentary that shatters assumptions about faith, sexuality, and religious fundamentalism. Built around intimately-told personal stories of Hasidic and Orthodox Jews who are gay or lesbian, the film portrays a group of people who face a profound dilemma - how to reconcile their passionate love of Judaism and the Divine with the drastic Biblical prohibitions that forbid homosexuality. As the film unfolds, we meet a range of complex individuals - some hidden, some out - from the world's first openly gay Orthodox rabbi to closeted, married Hasidic gays and lesbians to those abandoned by religious families to Orthodox lesbian high-school sweethearts.

Many have been tragically rejected and their pain is raw, yet with irony, humor, and resilience, they love, care, struggle, and debate with a thousands-year old tradition. Ultimately, they are forced to question how they can pursue truth and faith in their lives. Vividly shot with a courageous few over five years in Brooklyn, Jerusalem, Los Angeles, London, Miami, and San Francisco, Trembling Before G-d is an international project with global implications that strikes at the meaning of religious identity and tradition in a modern world. For the first time, this issue has become a live, public debate in Orthodox circles, and the film is both witness and catalyst to this historic moment. What emerges is a loving and fearless testament to faith and survival and the universal struggle to belong.
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