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  1. Please watch this Video: "It Gets Better -Personal Stories of Gay Orthodox Jews" (Orthodox Gay Jews) 
  2. "Nothing has Changed, but My Entire Life" By Rich Dweck (Orthodox Gay Jew)
  3. "Equal Marriage is a Test of my Jewish Orthodox Faith" by Oliver Kasin (Orthodox Gay Jew)
  4. "Observant Jew and Gay" by Yanir Dekel (Orthodox Gay Jew)
  5. "I Am No Abomination:Rewritten Bar Mitzvah Speech, 30 years later" by Amichai Lau-Lavie (Orthodox Gay Jew)
  6. "Coming out in jewish school Video 1" (Orthodox Gay Jew) 
  7. "The Thoughts and Experiences of a Proud Gay Jew" by Andrew Farkash  (Gay Jew)
  8. "Growing up Gay in an Orthodox World. My Final Game of Tag" by Anonymous at Queens College  ( Orthodox Gay Jew) 
  9. "Once Upon a Gay: A Jewish Journey Through the Ex-Gay Movement" by Jayson Littman (Orthodox Gay Jew) 
  10. YU-"A Letter To The Student Body From A Non-Anonymous Homosexual Student" by Arel Kirshstein (Orthodox Gay Jew) 
  11. "Jewish Without an ‘Off’ Switch" by Robert J. Saferstein (Orthodox Gay Jew)
  12. "Gay and Jewish in Brooklyn"- by Amanda Julius (Orthodox Gay Jews)
  13. "Wearing My Rainbow Yarmulka With Pride" by Chaim Levin (Orthodox Gay Jew) 
  14. "That Girl" by Ely Winkler (Gay and Marrying a woman) (Orthodox Gay Jew) 
  15. "Wearing My Rainbow Yarmulka With Pride" by Chaim Levin (Orthodox Gay Jew) 
  16. "I Finally Understand Gay Conversion Therapy!" by Wayne Dhesi (Gay Jew)
  17. "The Jewish Interfaith Problem" by Noah Baron (Gay Jew) 
  18. Keshet » Hineini: Coming Out in a Jewish High School trailer (Gay Jew)
  19. "Shades of Gay in Israel" by Adam Rosner  (Orthodox Gay Jew) 
  20. "Gay Jews March for First Time in Celebrate Israel Parade" by Mordechai Levovits  (Orthodox Gay Jew) 
  21. "Jew You Should Know - Sam Allen" by Kaylin Bugos (Orthodox Gay Jew) 
  22. "Twice Blessed: Being Gay and Jewish" by Dr. Joe Kort (Gay Jew) 
  23. Israeli Movie:“Mom and Dad: I Have Something to tell you” (32 Min. Q&A w/Assi Azar) (Gay Jew)
*The denominations listed next to the articles are simply the author's background

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