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  1. Hi... I am also a Gay Syrian Jew (Halab) from Mexico City... It's interesting to read about another gay jew from the same Syrian background as myself. For people who are not Syrian, it's hard to understand the intense bonding of our communities, the traditions, the family get-togethers, the food, the pressure to get married and be like everyone else... the monetary pressures too, to live up to everyone's standards... It is really exhausting.

    I am now a semi-out guy. I came out in my 20´s, it was tough for my family... but now they're cool with it (to a certain degree). I am now 40, and I still very much engage with the Syrian community due to my work and for some Jewish-related activism. But I do not live a lie. Most everyone in the community knows I am gay... and they all actually seem to respect me, in spite of it. When I go to Knis on the holidays, they all treat me with respect and kindness.

    Interesting to read your blog!!

    Take care!!

    BTW, You can read more about our newest Jewish-Gay group in Mexico, at:

    1. Thank you so much for sharing. It is great to hear from others with similar backgrounds and how being gay and Jewish has affected them, especially the Syrian Jews. Email me anytime, if you would like to chat. Clearrichard@gmail.com

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    3. Can you email me when you can at clearrichard@gmail.com. Thanks and best of luck!

  2. This is such a wonderful resource, and I long thought of creating a blog like this. I grew up in Deal, NJ, went to Hillel Yeshiva all my life, and always knew that I didn't belong. After leaving the community to attend Brandeis University, I mustered the courage to come out and began to feel true pride. My parents, who are ultra ultra Orthodox ("black hat", for lack of a better term), were not at all receptive to me sharing my secret that I'd been withholding. My father, a rabbi, bribed me to see a therapist through project JONAH, and I simply went along with it to demonstrate that homosexuality is not something that can, or should be, changed. My parents forbade me from sharing my sexuality with my younger brothers or outside relatives, and our relationship has truly suffered. They say they love me, but that they cannot accept that homosexuality is not a choice. They insist that god is testing me and that I am a worse person in god's eyes. I have made the tough decision to cut them out of my life. It hasn't been easy, but I am living a happy, healthy life with my boyfriend of 18 months. I would love to serve as a resource for anyone (not only SY, orthodox Jews) who needs someone to talk to, or just to listen. I trained as a queer resource counselor at school, and I'd be humbled if you'd share your story with me. Rich, thank you so much for putting this website together for those community members that are hurting so much. I always dreamed of returning to Deal and making a difference. There are so many troubled gay and lesbian community members out there. We have the power to make change.

    For anyone who wants support, please email me: joealhar@gmail.com.

  3. Rich,
    haven't seen you in ages. glad you've turned all negatives into positives and created this to help others. there are many many out there from our community who definitely could use some direction, information, and just someone to talk to, but how do they even know you are out here? our community continues to ignore this issue which has many repercussions.

    we should meet up and catch up sometime....

  4. What an amazing blog Richard.. Very impressive. Very proud of you.



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