Monday, August 26, 2013

"A Letter to My Bullies" by Aviv Shemer

4/23/13- A letter from a 12-year-old boy  who’s being bullied because he likes to dance (and Justin Beiber) has captured the hearts of the Israeli LGBT community in the past few days. The brave kid published on Facebook a description of his life as a bullied kid (in words of a 12 year old), along with a photo of him dancing, saying that he will continue doing what he loves, despite what everyone says: “Curses are for the weak.”

Hello, my name is Aviv Shemer, I’m the 12 year old boy everyone is talking about, saying  he’s gay because he likes to dance, calling him “Gayfriend” because he likes Justin Bieber, calling him “stutter  homo ” because he has speech problems. It’s time you should know that I don’t really care what you say about me, so maybe you should start to internalize it.

You think you’re cool, you insult me in front of everyone,  you gossip about me. Every time someone fights with me you tell me “no one loves you, everyone says you’re a homo? What do you think, that it makes you to more acceptable? Lol.”  Let me tell you something.  It makes YOU poor and small.

If you really had a problem with me you would talk to me in private instead of looking for attention in people with a common denominator against me. No one has the right to judge me without knowing me.

Yes, I love to dance – dancing is my life.  So do you want to call me gay? Have fun.

Yes I like Justin. I like the person himself and his songs are great. Do you want to call me “gayfriend”? By all means.

I really wonder how  you can call yourselves friends after the way you behave!

Get this, people – curses are for the weak! How can you tell me I’m gay without knowing me? And for what? For the fact that I love to dance! Yes I love to dance, so Biiiggg Fuckinnnggg Whattt,  what is so wrong?  What do you care if this is what makes me happy! When you want to, you become so nice to me suddenly, and probably that’s the problem with me,  I’m too nice to you. Why should I always be nice to you if this is what I get? If you don’t like me, nobody forced you to be with me but why the cursing? Why talk dirty? Do you think it is pleasant for me that you laugh about my problem.

You’re just jealous of me and you definitely have something to be jealous about! You would die to dance like I dance and sing like I sing.

And I do not need pity from any one,  I just want you to understand who I am, that’s all!! You really do not bother me, and you should start to internalize it!

My life is too beautiful to waste it on people who suck the life out of me.

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