Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Video: "Orthodox Rabbi Barry Dolinger testifies in support of RI State Marriage Equality"

Rabbi Barry Dolinger testifying in support civil gay marriage in front of the senate committee of Rhode Island...


  1. I have read your response to the open letter on the internet. 1.You publicized your opinions in open court did you consult with reliable rabbis before doing what you did?
    2. You do a good job muddling up the facts that it is a Assser from the Torah of devious sexual relationships and somehow you equate it with democracy.
    3. I think you should re-assess your religious thinking and do not Mechalel Hashem's laws.
    Concerned Jew

  2. Firstly, I am not Rabbi Dolinger. Secondly, stop being a coward and state your name. Thirdly, I do not remember him stating the words devious sexual behavior.... Lastly, what is it that you want?



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