Friday, May 24, 2013

CONTROVERSY: "Orthodox Rabbi Barry Dolinger Testifies in Support of RI Same-Gender Marriage Equality"-

MY RESPONSE: This is absurd!The author did not even have the decency to sign his name. It is cowardly and totally disrespectful to call someone out and ask for them to be condemned when you can't even sign your name. 

Many orthodox rabbis have echoed the same sentiment publicly. 

This is about standing up for others. If we only did this more often, we would be doing the work of God. God wants us out there being a part of the world, not in a closed off hole in the wall. Judaism does not proselytize. 

No religion should be involved in whether or not the United States of America legalizes same-sex marriage, unless it forces them to perform them. 

Rabbi Dolinger was clear in his testimony. No clergy of any religion will be forced to perform a same-sex marriage ceremony. 

He did the right thing and should be praised not condemned!    by Rich Dweck

ORIGINAL ARTICLE from Thursday May 23, 2013 4:23 PM 
Dear friends,
A few weeks ago, the state of Rhode Island changed its laws and recognized toeivah ‘marriage’. Earlier, when the bill was being debated, an Orthodox rabbi, testified in public, in the RI State Senate, in favor of the recognizing same-gender marriage, andwas also quoted in the press along those lines.
The rabbi grew up non-Orthodox and it seems that he still retains some of the liberal beliefs of that background. He is also affiliated with the IRF, International Rabbinic Fellowship, an left-wing rabbinical organization.
I post sources for readers to follow. The first contains a video of Rabbi Dolinger’s testimony:
Rabbi Dolinger was raised in North Bellmore, a small town on the South Shore of Long Island. He attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he majored in political science and minored in Ancient Near Eastern Studies. Afterwards, he spent a year studying at Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh in Israel. He received semichah from Yeshiva University in 2011, and graduated from Fordham Law School. Currently, he serves as the rabbi of Congregation Beth Sholom, an Orthodox community on the East Side of Providence, RI, where he lives with his wife, Naomi.
I believe Rabbi Dolinger should be held accountable for such a chillul Hashem. He is a young man, in his twenties, so one might say that he has yet to attain wisdom, but still, as an Orthodox rabbi, and prominently advertising that fact, he should know enough to not act so recklessly in allying himself with forces of tumah.
I realize that perhaps he has escaped censure so far due to his actions not being widely known in the Jewish centers of New York and elsewhere, but, nevertheless, such actions should not be tolerated or ignored. There should at least be public condemnation of them.
A Concerned Yid

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