Friday, March 15, 2013

Israeli Movie Release- "Yossi"

Ten years after Yossi & Jagger, the tragic story of an Israeli commander whose gay lover is killed during a raid on Lebanon, director Eytan Fox (Walk on Water, The Bubble)returns to find out what has happened with Yossi. Dr. Yossi Hoffman (Ohad Knoller) has become a valued and dedicated cardiologist, often using his work as a way to escape from dealing with life. 

He lives alone, closeted, still grieving for his lover. His friends try to cheer him up, but find it almost impossible to get close to him. A lonely woman at work thinks they are soul mates and kisses him; a recently-divorced man drags him to a drunken party and tries to get him laid (with a woman). Eventually, in a chance encounter with a group of soldiers on holiday at a seaside resort, Yossi meets Tom (Oz Zehavi), a handsome and self-confident openly gay man who represents a new world, different from the one that shaped Yossi. The attraction Yossi feels for Tom leads him to gradually and hesitantly embrace life once more. Ohad Knoller gives a tremendously tender performance as Yossi. (Fully subtitled)
Official Website for the movie

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