Thursday, March 7, 2013

"‘Hitler should have killed all Jews,’ teens in Holland say"- Times of Israel

3/7/13 by Aaron Kalman

Teenage Turkish Muslim immigrants to the Netherlands expressed their admiration for Nazism and hatred of Jews during a recent interview on Dutch TV, saying Hitler “should have killed all Jews.”
In a clip from the program, which was aired in February, a Dutch researcher can be seen talking to a group of teens and asking them to express their opinion on issues related to the Holocaust and World War II. The four explain that anyone killed by Hitler was probably guilty of something, and he “didn’t kill Jews for no reason.”
Less than a minute into the show one of the participants (nicknamed number 4 in the subtitles) challenges a claim by his colleague (number 1) who said Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who was murdered. Frank “wasn’t murdered. Three days after the war she died from typhus,” he interjects before the first participant can answer the researcher’s question of who killed her.
Seconds later, another participant expresses his “honest” opinion that he is “satisfied with what Hitler did with the Jews.” When the interviewer asks him to clarify his statement, the teen restates it, and his friend echoes the sentiment.
Thus begins a series of blatantly anti-Semitic, pro-Hitler statements from the four teenagers that ultimately prompt the Dutch interviewer to exclaim, “You shock me.”
“What Hitler said about Jews is that there will be one day when you see that I am right that I killed all the Jews. And that day will come,” one boy says.
“The hatred for Jews is because they will try and steal someone’s country, like in Gaza,” another boy says. “They kill a lot of people,” he continues, telling the exasperated interviewer that Hitler’s killing of millions of Jews was justified “because now millions of Palestinians are being killed.”
The interviewer, clearly appalled by the attitude and responses of the youths, tries to differentiate between hatred of Jews and the geopolitical situation, saying “there are many Jews who do not agree with Israel’s policies, Many Jews.”
“As far as I’m concerned, Hitler should have killed all the Jews,” one boy retorts, causing his peers to chuckle. “You don’t have to know any Jews to say something about them,” he adds when the interviewer asks him if he has Jewish friends.
“I have Dutch friends who hate Jews too,” one teen says, noting that no one in his school likes Jews.
“Jew equals evil,” one of the participants explains, and adds that just as one wishes one’s enemies cancer, “you wish them the worst.”

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