Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Study Kicks Off Gay Outreach Effort" –

"Three-quarters of the rabbis who responded to an unprecedented new survey on diversity said they thought their congregations already do a “good to excellent” job of welcoming gay Jews. But for the gay Jewish advocacy group that undertook the survey, that’s precisely the problem.
“Synagogues are resting on the assumption that ‘tolerance’ equals ‘welcoming,’ but few of them are doing anything concrete about it,” said Gregg Drinkwater, executive director of Jewish Mosaic, the Denver-based organization behind the survey that drew responses from nearly 1,000 congregations.
“Unless lesbian and gay Jews are explicitly invited, they don’t feel synagogues are safe. As a result, they don’t engage with Jewish life through these institutions,” he said."
Study Kicks Off Gay Outreach Effort –

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