Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Israeli Film "Yossi"- ‘New World Out There’ For Gays, Israel

‘New World Out There’ For Gays, Israel
“I wanted to revisit myself, on a personal level and on an artistic, professional level,” Fox said. “I think the form I chose for ‘Yossi’ seemed better [for] today. I think Yossi, his life, his energy, the way he and his life are conducted suits this better.
“When we made the first film, I wanted to do something rough and documentary-style. This film looks more self-aware, formalistic. It’s more grown-up, more adult. As a filmmaker I have different films inside of me. This was right for me now. I’m better filmmaker than I was when I started and I’m a smarter, more aware person than I was.”
“Yossi,” written and directed by Eytan Fox, opens Friday, January 25 at the Angelika Film Center (18 W. Houston St., at Mercer Street). For information, call (212) 995-2570 or go to www.angelikafilmcenter.com.

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