Friday, January 11, 2013

($51 Million) "If You Build It, Will They Come? Years late and way over budget, a new home holds Lincoln Square Synagogue's hopes for a revival."

If You Build It, Will They Come? By Gary Rosenblatt of the Jewish Week NY 
“If the synagogue only attracts people from other Orthodox congregations, it will have failed its mission,” according to Kestenbaum. Success will be measured, he asserted, by whether it can bring in and appeal to people “who otherwise aren’t spending their Shabbat at services.” 
That’s precisely how Lincoln Square grew from a small Conservative congregation meeting in a nearby Lincoln Towers apartment in the mid-1960s into the most talked-about and popular Orthodox congregation in the city, if not the country.The man most responsible for that transformation was a then-baby-faced 23-year-old Yeshiva University-trained rabbi, Steven (now Shlomo) Riskin, whose innovative and dynamic teachings and warm personality attracted hundreds of young people to services and weeknight lectures and classes."

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