Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Good or Bad? Westboro Baptist Church blames the Sandy Hook tragic murders on HOMOSEXUALITY" by Rich Dweck

I read the following headline in "The Westboro Baptist Church, that affectionately dub themselves the ‘God Hates Fags Church’ has announced that the cause of the shootings in a Connecticut primary school was homosexuality."  

So is this bad that they are blaming the Gays? Is it bad that they look like heartless devils from hell? Well, I say BRING IT ON Phelps! It could sound strange to you, but I will try to make a point that is rarely spoken of. I believe this point is what has lead and continues to lead them to their demise. 

The Westboro Baptist Church has protested at the funerals of our fallen soldiers with signs saying "God Hates Fags", "Thank God for 911", "Pray for more Dead Soldiers"  and more. Are they winning? Has American embraced these messages? Have they built a so-called "army of God"? The answer is no!

Equal Rights are coming step by step. The majority of Americans now believe Gay should have the right to marry. Laws are being passed in favor of Gay marriage and Gay rights. The evidence shows that they are clearly not winning with the messages they are spreading. 

It's 2012, we have the LGBT community, the Democrats, most major cities, many of our families, co-workers, friends and more. How do we get to all of those people that we never come across? Well, thank God for Westboro Baptist Church. The more they go out and protest funerals of the innocent, the more people get disgusted with their message. Even if people believe the message, they certainly are appalled by how they are delivering it. Who would want to be a part of a church or religion that acts in this fashion? People want their religion back! 

No one should be looking to gain from a tragedy and that is certainly not my point. My point is for the Westboro Baptist Church to wake up and see that all they are doing is increasing the grief of these poor families. These families do not deserve this treatment. So Phelps family, stay home and give hate a day off! 
Rich Dweck 

Video: The sick film that Westboro Baptist Church made to blame gay rights for Newtown school masacre

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