Thursday, August 2, 2012

Israeli Movie:“Mom and Dad: I Have Something to tell you” (32 Min. Q&A w/Assi Azar)

Such a sweet and touching story!

Openly gay Israeli TV host Assi Azar has question and answer session after a screening of his documentary, "Mom, Dad; I Have Something to Tell You." 


“Mom and Dad: I Have Something to Tell You” is a documentary film about the journey parents whose children tell them they are gay are forced to take. Their life changes in a second and a challenging and slow journey, for all the family, begins, taking them from denial to understanding, from anger to the need to be there for him or her, from shame to acceptance.
This sensitive and earnest documentary features and is narrated by Assi Azar, one of the rising TV stars in Israel, a screen writer and the host of the Israeli version of “Big Brother”. His personal story is unfolded, including the first heart to heart conversation between Assi and his parents since he came out when he was 24.

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