Thursday, May 17, 2012

Will Obama’s move rally liberal Jews or drive away what’s left of his Orthodox supporters?


  1. It's kind of strange to be honest, I look back when I lived in Brooklyn and worked for an Orthodox Jewish Organization and remembered when Obama was elected and it was well a mixed bag with my clientele from the get go, but now that since I've moved back home (still in NY but closer to Canada) I find the Orthodox community here seems to be behind him on everything including hi recent Support for gay marriage bit. However I am finding oddly enough the more liberal Jews in this area are turning away from him and none of them for the gay marriage issue but for everything else. Quite personally I think that it was a smart move with the changing of times whether he believes it or not just from the stand point of re-election. I guess we will see where the Jews of the world stand in upcoming events :)

    1. The community I came from, has gotten more and more right wing (religious-wise and politically) in how they deal with the world and themselves. Many didn't like President Obama from the very beginning and still think that he is Muslim. I know its ridiculous.

      I think racism is still in the picture in 2012, but thats because of the lack of exposure so many have in the Orthodox world. Another thing is that I really do not think they were ready to elevate their point of view of blacks. From the word Shvartza, Abed and other words, they clearly have not learned the proper way of speaking about others.

      Some may not like his fiscal policies, but I assure you that many that backed Bush did not care anything about that. They backed him, because he was explicitly pro-Israel. He also represented tough military force in the Middle East, which was another way of helping to protect Israel. Bush was white and held to a strong religious doctrine. He believed religion in general was good and he should support it.

      President Obama has done more for Israel than any other president, but he says how he feels. I believe he has a certain vision and he would never turn his back on Israel, but at the same time he expresses when he feels that something can improve.

      For die hard Israel fans like myself and others, no one likes a word being said about Israel and look at it as Anti-semitism. I was not happy with his speech on the Pre-1967 borders negotiations. But, we have had joint military exercises with Israel, which has never happened before. The Iron Dome to keep Israel safe from the missiles and anything else our enemies might want to send over. The military collaboration, along with funds have never been at a level such as today.

      This should not be something that is creating such a stir. He never said that he wanted to mandate churches, synagogues and mosques to perform same-sex ceremonies. Marriage, is a civil right in the United States. It is not a religious institution, although is can be. This is why people can go to city hall and get married.

      A religious debate on the issue can be had, but only when it comes to religious ceremonies. The bible never stated anything about same-sex relationships. It would seem to me that many of the basic biblical tenants have been thrown away when speaking of gay marriage. Love thy neighbor, repairing the world, we are all created in Gods image, saving a life, speaking ill of others, baseless hatred and others.

      Lastly, President Obama coming out for Gay Marriage was hastened because of our VP. Inevitably, President Obama was planning on it. When, I have no clue. I do not doubt President Obama's views on marriage. I know he was in a tough situation, as the country is still evolving on their views of Gay Marriage. I think he did the right thing, even if it gets people talking about it and debating this is how things change.

      Thanks for your response. If you ever want to write an article or something, I would love to publish it on my site. Best of luck! Rich Dweck



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