Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Former Director of an "Ex-gay" Conservative Christian Ministry says "it is impossible to change one's sexual orientation" (2012)

 "John Smid, Former 'Ex-Gay' Therapy Leader, Talks 'Love In Action' Documentary" 05/08/12   Posted: 05/08/2012 2:10 pm- Huffington Post
The former director of the "ex-gay" conservative Christian ministry Love in Action spoke to CNN today ahead of a feature-length documentary film that exposes many of the practices involved in so-called "reparative" therapy.
John Smid -- who came forward last fall saying not only that he is gay, but that it is impossible to change one's sexual orientation -- spoke at length about his previous work on CNN this morning.
"We wanted to teach the wrongs of homosexuality -- why it was a sin, why it was wrong, how it could harm their lives -- not realizing that stuff was going on in their hearts that we wouldn't allow them to share," Smid recalled.

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