Sunday, March 4, 2012

President Obama at 2012 AIPAC Policy Conference

 I thought this important to make sure I posted and commented on it...
I'm watching Obama's speech made this morning at the AIPAC 2012 conference on YouTube now! He is definitely working hard to get the Jewish vote! I will say that as president, the rhetoric is way different than his actions toward Israel. He has done more behind the scenes for the STATE OF ISRAEL than other president has. He understands how vital the relationship between Israel and the U.S is! I applaud him for going public with what he has done.
Unfortunately, the "Arab Spring" did not end up the way we expected. It only overthrew one terrible regime for another. It's hard to believe that people fought and lost their lives to allow for democracy in these countries to end up with a so-called democratic vote that only brought in more extreme regimes. These regimes will only further persecute their people and ruin any bonds made with past governments and their neighbors including Israel and the United States.
A 2 state solution will benefit Israel and has been backed up by the United States, Prime Minister Netanyahu and Shimon Perez.

Quotes from Obama's speech:
1) "Speak softly and carry a big stick" President Obama quoted Theodore Roosevelt to explain what the United States role should be now.
As Harry Truman understood, Israel's story is one of hope!
2) "In the past I have shared in this forum just why those bonds are so personal for me. Stories of an uncle that helped liberate Buchenwald to my memories of returning their with Elie Wiesel. From sharing books with Shimon Perez to sharing seders with my young staff with the tradition that started out on the campaign trail that continues in the White House."
3) "The concept of TIKKUN OLAM that has guided and enriched my life"
4) "Their is no shortage of speeches on the friendship of the United States and Israel. Look no further than the Proverb " A man is judged by his deeds, not his words" explaining that Obama's words are a lot different than the actions he has taken!

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