Friday, February 17, 2012

Cyber Bullying (Harassment) by a Religious Bigot!

 A letter from the head of the Jewish Queer Youth Group in NY!

Hey everyone,

This is all one person. Hashemechad, Hashem.Echad, Hashem echad, Hashemrulestheworld and all these other email names are all Heshy Friedman.

Heshy is neither secret, nor hiding. He happens to be gay, but is married to a woman, and feels it is his duty to voice his opinions to all gay Jews. He has made statements to the news, formed his own pac, had his own blog and is a very public person. He also happens to be a very rich person.

He got email addresses from Orthogays, Frumgays, Jonah, JQY and Eshel, by secretly joining each, and then copying the names of the people who post.

He could do this on a gmail, google, yahoo or shamash listserve.

He is no longer on any listserve. Though there is no way to stop him from rejoining, because you do not have to be out of the closet to join our listserve. Certainly you do not have to reveal identifying information. Most, in fact, join these listerves with emails made specifically for them.

What he is doing is wrong. What he is doing is also illegal.

We can report each Yahoo, gmail, or other provider name he comes up with but he will just find another.

He has been reported to the FBI, the Police, and AVP (Anti-violence protection org). All of them have said the same thing. That it would take months before an investigation would land him legal problems. Heshy also happens to be a man of means, and has fought off these charges with lawyers before.

He may very well be charged in a few months...the more people who complain the better. We can not report it for you.

So, keep complaining, keep reporting to the police, keep reporting to gay orgs, use his name, and finally put all his emails as SPAM.

Meanwhile, Orthogays, Frumgays, Jonah, and JQY's listerves are not going to shut down because one gay guy is sending annoying emails.

The world is a difficult place, but we make the best of it. If anyone is worried about Heshy knowing your email address, simply subscribe to JQY using a new email address. It's easy and free to do.

Sorry for this annoyance, I spammed him and all of his mail goes to my trash.

-Mordechai (One of the leaders of JQY)

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