Wednesday, February 8, 2012

4th one in 2012- "Family, friends hold vigil for bullied gay teen who committed suicide"

2012: Rafael's death is the FOURTH REPORTED SUICIDE REPORTED among GAY TEENS 

that has been attributed in part to anti-gay bullying.

On Jan 1, Jeffrey Fehr, 18, hanged himself at his family’s home in Granite Bay, Calif.; on 

Jan. 20, Tennessee teen Phillip Parker, 14, was also found dead, the victim of an 

apparent suicide -- his parents said Phillip was constantly bullied because he was gay.

And on Jan. 11, Eric James Borges, an intern at The Trevor Project also took his life -- 

EricJames, as he was known, was repeatedly bullied, tormented and terrorized for most 

of his life. His religious-extremist parents chose not to attend his memorial.

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