Sunday, February 26, 2012

"The Cost Of Standing Idly By" by Rabbi Steve Greenberg

WORDS CAN KILL- "Jewish and Transgender: Follow the Words of Hillel" by Leora Tanenbaum

How dare anyone ever judge someone that is Transgender. If people did research or spoke to one going through it, they would have more of understanding and love to that person. As a gay man, I have a had a tough time with the idea of one that changes from one gender to another with hormones and surgery. Why? Because it is different and I just thought they must be strange. This sounds terrible, but as humans we have a tendency to think anything out of the ordinary is weird. When I met someone that was transgender and spoke with them, it put a face to the issue. I realized how prejudice I was and can only imagine how people think about transgender persons as well as gays, lesbians and bisexuals. This still does not make it right to stay ignorant and treat others with disdain. It's the obligation of all humans to learn about others. All because someone brought up in rural Alabama never met a Jew, they cannot use it as an excuse for them to join the KKK or beat up someone that is Jewish. Everyone should be taught from a young age to treat everyone they meet as a child of God. None of us are better or more pious than others. If there is sin in this world, it is treating others as less than. We are all equal in Gods eyes!  

Friday, February 24, 2012

Crystal Meth, HIV and the Gay Community

See my article for my commentary on this located under "My writings".

"Internalized Homophobia, Tragedy, Spirituality and a Parent's Role"

"Internalized Homophobia, Drugs, Tragedy, Spirituality and a Parent's Role"

    Why did I publish the "Crystal Meth, HIV and the Gay Community" article on my blog in the "Parents Section"?  Parents are everything to a child. Many people look at the Gay community as one that is all about hedonism. Their perception is they are all about Drugs, Drinking and Sex. People do not see how hard it is to come from a family and community where they are the outcast. They do not see how damaging it is to grow up in a world where you are discriminated against. This can mean, not being out and being at a Shabbos or family table and someone saying something about "Faggots". Or making fun of a gay man for the way they speak, walk and sit. This is very damaging to someone struggling with his or her own sexuality. This can lead to depression, suicide, self-deprecating behaviors, internalized homophobia, illness, drug/sex/alcohol addiction and more.

Rabbi A.J Heschel and MLK -Search for a Meaningful Existence

Ellen: It is okay if you're gay ... Stop Bullying Now!

Homophobia: Is it Fear, Prejudice, or Both? (Written by Merely Me)11/19/11

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2012 Nujls Gay/Jewish Conference in DC

       This past weekend I had the priviledge of attending a Nujls conference in DC. I have so much I want to write about. It was one of the best weekends I have had in years. It is really amazing when you have a chance to meet people that are made of the same cloth and understand the ideas, struggles and victories you have been through. I want to write more, but I have to catch up on schoolwork first. I can just say, Judaism and Homosexuality can coexist and can be instrumental in making this world a better place for all. I will be back later with lots more!

'Ex-Gay' Survivor Chaim Levin Speaks Out in Atlanta

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cyber Bullying (Harassment) by a Religious Bigot!

 A letter from the head of the Jewish Queer Youth Group in NY!

Hey everyone,

This is all one person. Hashemechad, Hashem.Echad, Hashem echad, Hashemrulestheworld and all these other email names are all Heshy Friedman.

Heshy is neither secret, nor hiding. He happens to be gay, but is married to a woman, and feels it is his duty to voice his opinions to all gay Jews. He has made statements to the news, formed his own pac, had his own blog and is a very public person. He also happens to be a very rich person.

He got email addresses from Orthogays, Frumgays, Jonah, JQY and Eshel, by secretly joining each, and then copying the names of the people who post.

He could do this on a gmail, google, yahoo or shamash listserve.

He is no longer on any listserve. Though there is no way to stop him from rejoining, because you do not have to be out of the closet to join our listserve. Certainly you do not have to reveal identifying information. Most, in fact, join these listerves with emails made specifically for them.

What he is doing is wrong. What he is doing is also illegal.

When Your 7-Year-Old Son Announces, 'I'm Gay'

“Ex-Gay” Group Sends Flier Home with MD High School Students

Monday, February 13, 2012

ABC News / What Would You Do?: Pray Away the Gay?- ABC Special

Chaim Levin’s Harrowing Tale of Homophobia in Ultra-Orthodox Boarding School

Posted February 13th, 2012 by Wayne Besen
Wow — Chaim Levin’s story from his new blog Gotta Give ‘Em Hope is quite moving and highlights the anti-gay attitudes still prevalent in the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. Reading this makes me extremely happy that I was raised in the Reform movement:
When I was 16 years old in the year of 05/06 I was sent away to boarding school in a small suburb near Paris called Brunoy. For anyone that grew up in my community as an orthodox Jew, if you went to the yeshiva in Brunoy, you were truly a righteous hero and were truly a “god fearing” (yiras shmayaim) student. The school’s legacy is based on the fact that the physical conditions of the school make prison look like hotels. The idea is that as servants of god we’re not supposed to care about the physical world and our appearance or our living conditions, and so, for my year spent in Paris, I wasn’t on vacation touring the most famous sites in the world, I wasn’t eating fabulous French cheese, and I definitely wasn’t touring the great museums like the Lourve and Musse D’orsay. I lived in a fairly small room with four other people and had to shower in a room with 13 showerheads and about close to three hundred other people, and at 715, the water was turned off by an automatic timer, and if you still had soap on your hair or body you needed to go into the mikvah, and the mikvah’s waters were changed once every two months and the amount of people that used it during that time is unknown, all I can say was that the water usually looked black.
It was around December 15th of 2006, a chabad holiday was being celebrated, and in chabad circles especially on such “auspicious” occasions, many gatherings “fargrengens” were happening where so much alcohol was being consumed by both the students and the staff of the school. I don’t remember how it happened exactly but while all these gatherings were happening around the school premises I was confronted by the Rabbi who was in charge of me, my “mashgiach”, and he said that there are rumors spreading around the school that I had done something sexually with someone with another boy in the school and I felt my world crashing down as he said those words to me; I knew that I was up shit’s creak and there was a 95 percent chance that I’d be shipped home the next day. Right after this rabbi confronted me, I was approached by four different people (students my age) who were in ‘shock and horror’ about these stories, and couldn’t understand how I was able to do “such a disgusting, low and immoral thing”.
The next morning I was told that the whole school knew, and that so many people wanted to hurt me because they were so disgusted by me. I remember walking into the grand study hall while everyone was sitting at their respective tables and suddenly all the attention in the room shifted towards me as I walked past the glaring eyes of about 400 people. Over the next six months I was subject to harassment by many of my schoolmates, both in private and in public. I was called faggot, disease, heretic, in Hebrew, French and in English. As I write this today I can’t remember how I survived those dreadful seemingly endless months away from home, in a strict religious school surrounded by people who hated me for who I was, in a foreign country with no money all at the age of 16.
I chose to write about this today because I know that many others have undergone similar treatment by their schools and peers inside orthodox communities because they are gay.
Chaim Levin will be joining me to speak in Atlanta on Thursday to oppose Exodus’ Love Won Out conference. If you are in the area, we hope you will join us.

Thursday, February 16 at 7:30pm
Redeemer Lutheran Church, Atlanta
731 Peachtree St. NE

N.J. gay marriage bill faces Chris Christie veto

Virginia Senate passes adoption bill that would allow disapproval of gays

Maryland House committees hear same-sex marriage arguments

Protesters say ‘gay is okay,’ LA Times says gay marriage is ‘inevitable’

Student jumps to his death; school officials say bullying wasn’t a factor? Bullshit!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Why did Robbie Kirkland have to die?"

Why did Robbie Kirkland have to die?

Taught diversity at home , Conflicting messages outside, Exploring the Internet, First suicide attempt, Slowly, tentatively coming out,  Said no to support groups, Macho culture in high school, An unfortunate crush , Rejected by the church, Called to save other boys, St. Ignatius declined gay talk

"Christians Must do More to Prevent Gay Suicides"- Eric James Borges was spiritually abused!
Watch the video and read the article. Eric James Borges- 
-30% to 40% of LGBT youth have been reported to have attempted suicide.
-LGBT people between the ages of 15 and 24 are four times more likely to commit suicide than their peers.
-Suicide is the third leading cause of death among LGBT people in this age group
-His Christian parents decided to perform a ritual exorcism on him with the hope of “curing” him of his orientation. When that failed, they kicked him out of the house.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ignorance is accepted as an excuse in this world.- My Sexuality Classes

I previously had the opportunity of taking the History of Sexuality in the United States. This semester I am taking Human Sexuality and Psychology of Sex Difference. Well, some topics that we discuss and learn in class are a little sensitive in nature. This is especially true because we have a very diverse mix of people.

Last night I had my Human Sexuality class. In class we were speaking about Sexual Orientation. We spoke about the "It get's better" campaign that has gone viral all over the country in the past year or so. Well, a young lady in the class asked what it was.

"Ellen responds to 'One Million Moms:' 'My haters are my motivators"

This whole thing is strange. No one made an issue when Isaac Mizrahi went and had his name used for advertising and PR....

Ellen is a hero and a wonderful example for us all!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Parents Of Jamey Rodemeyer Say After Suicide, He's Still Being Bullied

4th one in 2012- "Family, friends hold vigil for bullied gay teen who committed suicide"

2012: Rafael's death is the FOURTH REPORTED SUICIDE REPORTED among GAY TEENS 

that has been attributed in part to anti-gay bullying.

On Jan 1, Jeffrey Fehr, 18, hanged himself at his family’s home in Granite Bay, Calif.; on 

Jan. 20, Tennessee teen Phillip Parker, 14, was also found dead, the victim of an 

apparent suicide -- his parents said Phillip was constantly bullied because he was gay.

And on Jan. 11, Eric James Borges, an intern at The Trevor Project also took his life -- 

EricJames, as he was known, was repeatedly bullied, tormented and terrorized for most 

of his life. His religious-extremist parents chose not to attend his memorial.

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