Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Experience: Interfaith Leadership Institute Conference part 1

This weekend I have the opportunity to attend an Interfaith conference that was initiated by President Obama for universities around the country. It is an honor to represent the Jewish population at my school. I never thought I would be chosen for such a task that bares much responsibility. How can I represent the Jewish people in the best possible way that is real for me? Do I make like the Jewish world is perfect? Do I make like the recent events in Israel never happened? Do I talk about how the orthodox Jews continue to ignore issues that are banging down their doors?
The answer will come later.... Stay tuned!
Being at this national universities interfaith conference, I see such amazing things going on. It seems working on interfaith issues somewhat heal by doing service together rather than who is right and who is wrong.
One guy started an org to attain all surplus med supplies from hospitals and Dr. Offices around the country and send it to countries that really need it! Our outdated equipment can be another country's new technology. He started bringing together faith based groups together to take the initiative. Since he started this three years ago, they have sent millions of dollars of medical supplies. It really shows how one person can make a difference and bringing people together that usually wouldn't agree for service.
All religions subscribe to doing service. If only Israelis and Palestinians started with working on these types of initiatives might be the way to a real peace!

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  1. i'm sure you represented us well and i can't wait to hear more about the conference!



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