Sunday, December 18, 2011

Great Quote on Religion and Spirituality..

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    that is a good link for a little test to take. I do not think you can separate the two. You are one of three people I know who have come from very fundamentalist backgrounds, and It is interesting to watch how each of you are handling your religious instruction with regard to your reality. It seems that you either turn against the religion of your youth, become agnostic or atheist, or quietly just be yourself where ever you go. That would be to participate in the religion that you are familiar with,and at the same time be honest about who you are. In years past, I sat in pews with people who "hated" me, but a well known s social conservative columnist who attends my church seems to have a much better rapport with gay members of my church these days. By really practicing my religious beliefs, I become more spiritual.



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